Scenes from Kyoto

Coming to Japan is like a dream for so many. We hear this all the time from our clients and guests. They can’t believe how clean, how punctual, how fresh, how polite and perfect so many things are. Japan is really an ideal place to take a vacation.

You don’t need to clutch your bag on the train. You don’t have to navigate a street festooned with dog feces. You don’t have to avoid people hawking things at you everywhere you go. You don’t have to worry about drinking water right from the tap. You don’t have to worry about being robbed or cheated.

That is Japan.

And here is Kyoto.

When you come to Japan, you will most likely land in Narita Airport in Tokyo. Enjoy the big city, and do all the things in Tokyo that you must, and ought to do. And then, when you are ready to move from Cool Neon Japan into Traditional Historical Austere Japan, you come to Kyoto.

I’m going to share some images of many of the iconic places we take our guests with you today. When will be your turn to explore and experience Kyoto? Just let us know and we will put together an itinerary that will knock your kimono-socks off.

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