Kintsugi: The Art of the Imperfect

The art of rejoining is something that is very unique in Japan. A celebration of putting back together something that was broken, done here in ceramics, is a very interesting metaphor for living.

Choosing how to visit Japan is an important thing to consider. Many people can easily arrive in Tokyo and wander around the streets and the major sites that are very convenient to access. But for those of us who enjoy a more in-depth and interactive experience, choosing the correct travel agency to Japan, the correct Japan tour planner, and the best designer, is the first best step to take. We have seen our fair share of tourists to Japan who saw a lot of concrete and trains and convenience stores… but just didn’t “crack the surface” of some of the most amazing things to see, do, and experience.

With kin-tsuji “gold-joining”, you have the chance to work with a master artists. Choosing the broken vessel you will reconstruct needs some careful judgement. Considering how to re-join the pieces and how to make sure all the edges are polished and that the vessel is made truly whole again.

In a time when we are all getting life and work and family back together after the catastrophic COVID period, we find ourselves looking for meaning and an updated direction of how to live and move ahead. Taking some time with to reassemble a china cup, giving it scars of gold, is a powerful symbol for new resolve and determination.

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