Cup of Joe in Tokyo

Do you know what you don’t deserve?

You don’t deserve to be treated like cattle in an enclosure. We’ve all been there before. Standing in line like bleary-eyed livestock waiting for some barista (also known as marginally employed gum-chewing artist with a neck-tattoo) starting our day with “What do you want?”

You’ve already waited far long than natural for the person in front of you discussing in great detail the level of froth they need for their non-dairy based range-free coffee-bean latte with sprinkles that must be placed in foam counter-clockwise. You ask yourself, “Is this hell?” Maybe not. But it certainly is a form of purgatory.

Now you are in Japan, where there are oasis of coffee delight and civilization yet to be found. Let me get you into one of these java-nirvanas. It will change your life, and also spoil you for life too.

Enter with serenity in your heart. The old wooden and stained glass doors open into a dark-wood cafe. From floors to doors, there is wood, and proper tables and chairs and stools. The “master” as they are all called in such places sees you and invites you to a seat. He is not able to chat or to ask about your froth. He is composing a song in the shape of coffee.

We suggest you have one.

Brewing is an art, a craft, a mission, a sacred act of caffeinated love. You are now at the shrine of such a place. You will not hear a wretched ice grinding machine whipping up a monstrous “frappacino”, so loud you cannot think or talk or breathe naturally. You will not have coffee in a paper cup with a plastic top. You will not be treated less than you deserve. No, my dear and most worthy coffee-friend. Here you will have coffee as humans were meant to. With light jazz.

Once you have this kind of coffee you will never be the same again.

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