Tea Ceremony Time

One of the greatest experiences our clients and guests have when they visit Japan is tea ceremony. There are a number of more “commercialized” places that have a tea service, where you will get some tea in a cup and some treat, and then you are sitting in a park or some place.

I think that can be perfectly fine, and nice, if all you want is a tea break from your busy day. But real tea ceremony is a bit more involved, needs time, has some guidelines for etiquette and behavior, and just feels a lot more austere and authentic.

Come along with us to a real Japanese tea house with a real tea master and sit in the same space. Tea ceremony is about sharing a moment together, to sit together, and to understand one another. The entire environment and tone is empathetic and artistic and so very Japanese. I encourage you to take some time for tea. It’s a chance of a lifetime to do it in Japan, so let’s do it right.

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