Transformational Japan

Guest Experiences

Blending in your dream experiences with our Transformational Travel format. We bring our clients who understand value of experiences that are not normally accessible for the standard tourist. Planning your F.I.T. journey to Japan needs a little time, insight, mediation with our guides, artists, and accommodations experts. We regret to say that we cannot accept “rush jobs”. Creating a magnificent meal or a transformative experience needs a little more time than what is easily clickable on-line, and we often meet face-to-face with our connections who offer astonishing “un-Google-able” experiences. These are some of the paths not taken. We have access to places and people that are exclusive and private. We bring you to the inner chambers of Japan. Your journey created with you and for you. Contact us to begin the consultation. No two adventures are the same.

Where Our Guests Stay: We have quite a bit of variety!

From the simple and rustic to the modern to the traditional Japanese inn to top end luxury. We promise you that you will have wonderful safe and exquisite places to stay. The photos below are but a few. We have access to an incredible range of accommodations to suit your style and your client’s needs.

 And things to TRY!

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