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Step ONE: Consultation

Our initial discussions need to be about who you are, as in what kind of travel agent are you and about your company and philosophies and feelings about travel. Let’s take a moment to talk and get to know each other. What is your “speciality”? What kind of feeling do you want to give to your clients? What do you need for you to trust people you work with? Let’s find our common ground.


From there we need to learn about what your clients need. 

How many days?

Arrival and Departure dates?

How many people? Adults? Couples? Families?

What are three things that will make their Japan trip unbelievable?

What is the budget we are looking at?

What level of hotels are your clients in need of? Global Chain Luxury? Boutique hotel? Ryokan Inn with Onsen?

Allergies? Mobility issues? Food loves and hates?

Step TWO: Creating Your Itinerary

Once we have the parameters of what you need for your clients we are off to the races creating your one-of-a-kind travel adventure. From pick up at the airport to guided departure, and all steps in between, we handle everything.

We have the guides, transfers, hotels, inns, maps, and hundreds and hundreds of hidden corners, un-Google-able locations and treasures, to weave throughout your clients’ adventure.

But let’s talk about ACTIVITIES! What do your people want to do and experience in Japan?

How about something from this list…


Indigo Dyeing

Bonsai Creation

Geisha Entertainment

Karate Experience

Ikebana Flower Arrangement

Sake Brewery Tour, and Pairings

Calligraphy Experience

Noh Theater

Slow Japanese Food Tour

Slow Adventure Tour

Tea Ceremony

Healing Journey


Fabric Art


Pilgrimage Routes

Sumo Training

Japanese Sweets Making 

Zen Training

Family Trip

Anime-Manga Adventure

Art Gallery Safari

Top Dining: Michelin Star Establishments

Spiritual Journeys: from Shinto to Zen

Cycling: Adventures on Two Wheels


Let’s talk and get your people excited about their own incredible adventure to come!


Step THREE: Arrival

Our guide is waiting for your people at the airport. Here they are! They made it and we have them well in hand.


From here we take your clients to all the places that they have dreamed of going. Carefully navigating this very foreign landscape we ensure that their needs are carefully taken of, that there is ample translation and explanation for them to feel comfortable and safe.


Let’s dive into this deep Japan adventure, from Tokyo to Kyoto, from Osaka to Hiroshima, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, from urban sprawl to mountainside and beaches and forests of cherry blossoms stretching out forever… 


We promise an adventure like no other, full of careful design, information and background, and introductions into corners of Japan that are unexplored and undiscovered by most. Let’s get a phone call together and make a plan to discuss your clients and their hopes for Japan. Then, let you and we come together to make it all happen. 


Dependable, professional, and intelligent design through and through. We take your people to the Japan of their dreams, and beyond.

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