Transformational Japan

MICE Clients

Working with small groups is a great pleasure. We all enjoy traveling with friends and family. But for corporate clients who need to arrange a program that dovetails with meetings and conferences, we are equally able to combine incredible Japanese experiences with efficiency and support for your group.

In order to make what we do so eloquently fit to the scale of larger company needs we engage the powerhouses of Tobu Top Tours to provide their manpower, infrastructure of hotels, trains, private jets and cars, helicopters, cruise division, and fantastically talented and relentless staff who can plan an itinerary down to the minute.

With the artistry of design coupled with the coordination and reach that Tobu Top Tours provides we are able to manage smoothly larger corporate needs for conferences, large-scale events, and incentive travel programs. Whether your group is a top collection of elite executive performers that need a luxury escape for a few days or weeks, or you have an all-out bash for the entire organization, just let us know. Tell us what you need. Let us figure out all the details. We promise that what your people experience as part of their adventure to Japan will be unparalleled, and they will talk about it for years and years to come. We take all the headache out of your planning and run the event you need with stopwatch precision.

For clients interested in discussing MICE needs please communicate with us via email. There are a number of “hidden links” that will answer questions regarding accommodations, venues, activities, pre and post-event travel, logistics, and transfers. We have all your bases covered. Let us know when you would like to talk.

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