BLOG: From Japan’s Big Cities and Beyond

  • You Say Yes, I say Noh

    You Say Yes, I say Noh

    In the world of performing arts, few traditions are as captivating and enigmatic as Noh, a classical Japanese theatrical form with a history dating back over 600 years. Noh, often referred to as “Nogaku,” is an art form that seamlessly combines elements of drama, music, and dance, making it a unique and enduring cultural treasure.…

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  • Gyoza! – Take a Break from Sushi

    Gyoza: These savory, delectable, and versatile Japanese dumplings have become more and more popular in many Western nations, expanding beyond their Asian orgins. With origins dating back to China, gyoza have been embraced and transformed into a beloved staple in Japanese cuisine. From casual street food stalls to fine dining restaurants, gyoza can be found…

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  • Osaka Street Eat Safari

    Osaka Street Eat Safari

    Exploring the Culinary Delights of Osaka Street Food If you’re a food lover with a penchant for adventure, Osaka’s bustling streets are a gastronomic playground you simply cannot miss. The vibrant street food scene in this Japanese city is a delightful blend of traditional flavors and modern twists, offering a unique culinary experience that will…

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  • Geisha: Living Artifacts of the Past

    One of the images we have about Japan is the allure and mystery of Japanese geisha. We see them in movies and programs about Japan. Demure, but maybe dangerous too. Very feminine, but in a way that is so different to the standards of “beauty” people think of in the West. They have a special…

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  • Woodblock Printing: Ukiyo-e

    You have no doubt seen some of these pieces of art, but maybe were not sure exactly what they were. These are traditional “ukiyo-e”, or woodblock prints. The wood shapes are carved in intricate detail from the initial drawings of the artist. Then the woodblock touches dark ink and is applied to paper, usually a…

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  • Tea Ceremony Time

    Tea Ceremony Time

    One of the greatest experiences our clients and guests have when they visit Japan is tea ceremony. There are a number of more “commercialized” places that have a tea service, where you will get some tea in a cup and some treat, and then you are sitting in a park or some place. I think…

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  • Sushi Making

    Sushi Making

    One activity that we delight in arranging for our guests is a sushi making class. We have a few sushi master chefs that we are able to arrange private classes with, and they are a great experience to learn about the key things that separates real authentic sushi from the alternatives… Learn how to prepare…

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  • Scenes from Kyoto

    Scenes from Kyoto

    Coming to Japan is like a dream for so many. We hear this all the time from our clients and guests. They can’t believe how clean, how punctual, how fresh, how polite and perfect so many things are. Japan is really an ideal place to take a vacation. You don’t need to clutch your bag…

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  • Kintsugi: The Art of the Imperfect

    The art of rejoining is something that is very unique in Japan. A celebration of putting back together something that was broken, done here in ceramics, is a very interesting metaphor for living. Choosing how to visit Japan is an important thing to consider. Many people can easily arrive in Tokyo and wander around the…

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  • How to Use the Public Onsen Bath in Japan

    So, you have done it. You are in Japan! Hooray! You have come to Japan post-Covid19 and you are ready to dive right in. Just, don’t dive into the onsen bath. It’s not good manners. But why not? Why does Japan have all these rules that restrict my fun? Why are they oppressing me? First…

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