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Working in Travel Design and as a Concierge for Japan is so interesting. 


It explores culture. It brings out the best in everything – art, music, food, spirits, performance. It brings these wonderful things out in the hopes of being enjoyed, and shared. And to have experiences with friends and family in the unique backdrop of Japanese culture and people, that is truly something special.

Kazuyo and I met a long time ago in the city of Kanazawa. We had thought we might move to Canada, but the severe winters, coupled with family needs back in Japan, we have made our home and “headquarters” in the region of Shikoku and live in the city of Takamatsu.

We love this region, and we love it because it is such a contrast to what we know and experience in Tokyo or Kyoto. We have worked together as a team for years, exploring and understanding the many “faces” and “facets” of Japan, from urban sprawl to meticulously tended to historical cities, to the deep wilder edges of the country’s landscape. 


Having so many years living and working in Japan we feel like we bring an important quality to our travel colleagues and friends. We are IN Japan. We are CONNECTED to the people who create tours for our clients. We have a lot of experience working with businesses, both great and small, with celebrities, with industry leaders, with artists, poets, and priests. We have deep connections to local and regional government, and those links bring us to the heart of so much of Japan’s rich culture and tradition. These are the spaces where we invite you to join us.


What we bring to our guests are all the experiences that we have had ourselves, have loved, and enjoy sharing with new friends from overseas. Japan is a treasure trove of experiences that stretch the breadth of the country and where deep pockets of adventure are there to be discovered. We take you through Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and beyond – if your schedule permits! We bring you to the chef’s table, the artist’s studio, the workshop, the inner sanctum of temple and shrine, to the forest and the field, to the brewer’s laboratory and the performer’s stage. 

In terms of our values, we are committed, through everything we do, every client we work with, every person involved from start to finish of any adventure, to simply “do the right thing”. 


Honesty, reliability, trust, and speaking the truth at all times is central to our work. 


We serve our clients and guests to the very best of our abilities and resources. 


We do not promise things we cannot fulfill. We are also committed to bring to our guests and clients authentic experiences that are true reflections of Japanese life, culture, custom, and traditions. 


We consider it a great pleasure to be in a position to help you step out to have truly original and marvelous experiences in exploration and discovery. It is our deeply happy work to be with you along the way, as your delight becomes ours as well. 


Let us know when you are ready to have your one-of-a-kind Japan adventure created. 

Are We Qualified? – You Be The Judge



Mark and Kazuyo have between them :

Five University Degrees

Professor Teaching Positions at Seven Different Universities and Graduate Schools

Four Languages: Japanese, English, Portuguese, and French

Over 40 years of working experience with professionals, executives, and corporations

Over 40 years of combined experience as company owners

Three published books


Executive Level work and Consultation with the following:



Sony Corp.

Yokoyama Shokai

Hitachi Group

JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Tobu Top Tours

114 Economic Advisory Council

88 Buddhist Temple Reijokai

National Geographic

Lonely Planet

Tourism Shikoku

NHK Broadcasting

Kagawa Medical University 



And numerous travel agencies and consortiums throughout Europe and North America


“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” - Mary Anne Radmacher

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