Embrace a culture of contrasts.

Take a true journey of roads not taken.

The Unfolding Adventure


Stage One: The sleepless city. Organized mayhem. Concrete and neon. Yet pockets of hidden tradition. Shinjuku Haiku.


Stage Two: Refinement to Perfection. Stillness in the Ancient Capital. Tea Houses in Gion. Elegance at its pinnacle.

The Undiscovered Japan

Stage Three: Your steps on the ancient pilgrimage. Walking zen. Sutras in incense, space for reflection and healing. Your path not yet taken.

“Highly organized and more than we ever expected. We will treasure our memories for a lifetime.”

B. Schmidt


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We are Japan experts, teachers, coaches, executives, and pilgrims.

A team of professionals, Japanese and Canadian, with over one hundred years of professional experience between them are ready to help you explore the Undiscovered Japan, and guide you on a transformational journey unlike any other. Come face to face with the modern, the high cultured, the natural environments and their peoples of Japan. Curated experiences, unique and limited access, and one-of-a-kind Deep Japan experiences is what we specialize in. 

Coordinated by Mark and Kazuyo Groenewold, living in Takamatsu Japan. 

Providing unbelievable Deep Japan experiences in collaboration with Tokyo-based land operators, who have decades of experience in coordinating stop-watch precision travel, we bring you unrivaled experiences and impossible access to the hidden chambers of Japanese culture and custom.

Any travel agency can bring you to a sushi restaurant or to a temple. Any travel designer can book you a nice hotel. Any guide can take you shopping.

With us, you can meet the chefs, artists, National Treasures who guard vanishing traditional art and culture, top level Buddhist monks and Shinto priests, master sake brewers, martial arts experts, and professional musicians.

It’s a different Japan entirely. We put you in the room. Our guides show you the Japan Less Traveled.

Contact us to get you in there.